Marcus Ellerker

Instructor Bio

I walked into the New Toronto Academy of Martials in September of the year 2000 and have been a regular member since that day. I am the senior instructor and student in the school and currently hold the rank of 4th degree black belt. I have had the opportunity to train with a variety of instructors in different styles from all over the world. I have assisted and instructed at several conventions and seminars in Ontario. Furthermore, I have had the chance to both compete and officiate provincial and national level tournaments. I am a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers, holds my NCCP Level B certification under the Coaching Association of Canada, and am qualified in Standard First Aid and CPR through the Canadian Red Cross. I teaches the Monday night white belt to black belt class as well as the Tuesday night classes of Kickboxing and Kata. All my classes are fun, high energy, informative, and practical.