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Martial Arts Summer Camp!!

SUMMER CAMP at NEW TORONTO MARTIAL ARTS! Register now for up to six weeks of action packed summer camp. Our day camp includes active camp games, swimming, self defence drills, crafts, splash pads, quiet games, team building, nature hikes, and tons of martial arts! Every week includes water games, a […]

Martial Arts Stretching

There are a wide variety of martial arts stretches used to improve flexibility and to reduce the chance of potential training injuries (i.e. a pulled muscle). They will help you to achieve higher martial arts kicks, difficult grappling & submission positions with less strain, etc. The sports and martial arts stretches […]

Training after an injury

At some point you, or someone very close to you, is going to get hurt. I’m not talking about a paper cut or a skinned knee – I’m talking about a serious injury that requires a doctor’s care and a (hopefully temporary) lifestyle modification. This story was originally published at […]

Respect In the Martial Arts

Martial artists are raised on a liberal diet of respect. Respect for your master-teacher. Respect for the game and your opponent, and respect for yourself, for getting out of bed and having the will to train day in day out while the rest of the world treats minor backaches with […]