At New Toronto Academy of Martial Arts we have classes of many types for adults and children including; weapons, meditation, intense exercise, self defense techniques, history, personal training.  Contact us to assess your needs and find the perfect training plan for you.


Kyoshi Michael Neville is the founder of Goju Jitsu Ryu, a grappling and striking art. He has 45+ years training in the martial arts, certified use of force instructor at the Canadian law Enforcement College. (Specializing in tactical self defence, handcuffing, baton and gun point arrest), certified PPCT Instructor, Canadian Sport Jiu Jitsu team member from 1995-1996, competitive in Judo in the 70’s, Karate in the 80’s and Jiu Jitsu in the 90’s. He brought this knowledge together when engineering his own classified style named Goju Jitsu Ryu which takes the best concepts from many martial art styles


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